Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Dance

I went to my first church singles dance in many years last night. It was part of a singles conference and I was on the organizing committee and felt like I had to go. I probably haven't gone to a church dance since I was still in college (many years ago) as I find them very depressing.

However, last night I had a really good time. I was one of the youngest people there as usual, and a 60 year old man leered at me and asked for my phone number, as usual, but I was able to ignore that and make new friends. Very unusual: there were more men than women my age there so I didn't lack for dance partners.

The Patriots game was on in a different part of the building, so we drifted in and out of the dance hall and the ball game. After the dance ended we all watched the Patriots come back from a 12 point deficit and secure a perfect regular season. The perfect ending to a fun night.

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