Thursday, January 24, 2008

My European Accent

Someone told me recently I have a British accent. I have been told this several times in the past by completely random people who don't know me (someone in the grocery store, the guy who fixes my car). Some other people tell me I have an Irish accent, including somebody from Ireland. In high school someone told me I had an Eastern European accent. All of which is very funny, b/c I grew up in the Intermountain West and MidWest. While most of my ancestors came from England, they came to America a few hundred years ago.

I don't think anyone has ever told any of my sisters that they have a European accent and they grew up in the same places I did, with the same people and culture.

So--to you who know me well--do I have an accent?


Jennifer said...

Yes. I don't know how I would classify it but now that you say European I can see it!

ellen said...

Yeah, a wicked cool Winchestah accent!