Thursday, February 21, 2008

My condo

A couple of people have asked to see what my condo looks like--here are some shots taken not too long after I moved in. I have since pulled out the last few boxes that need to be unpacked, so my place feels a bit crowded now--can't wait to get those put away so I can feel completely moved in. Alas, it will have to wait until my class is over, unless I'm super efficient and get ahead.

I plan to paint the wall in the living room that is currently green or white (depending on the section of wall, wall on the right in the bottom picture) a light beige. Also to paint all the kitchen cupboards white. Eventually I'd like to replace the carpet as well.

From top to bottom:
my red wall--I have always wanted one
my balcony looking down
my balcony looking into the living room

Top selling points of my condo: a nice big balcony with an excellent view. It overlooks a duck pond and Japanese gardens, as well as a hilly residential area. Even in the winter, I can't see too much besides trees. When leaves are on the trees, that's all I can see--very nice!
Another selling point was a big storage unit in the basement, and a big bedroom. Back behind the bookcases is room for files and an open space. At the end of the bed, near where I took a picture, there is a big open space and room for a dresser.

All in all, I really love having my own space and it's just the right size for me!


Lorin said...

Loved your pics, We can hardly wait to see it all in person soon.

Cynthia said...

I love your condo! It looks really fun. Is that the same couch we had in our apt. in Shaker Hts.?? As I recall it was a great couch, ecpecially for free! Congrats on having your own place!


Drewmeister said...

Hi Cynthia,

Yes--it's the same! I love that couch and have carted it around whenever I have moved. Not sure if I'll ever get rid of it!

Lori Lyn