Saturday, February 23, 2008

Learning about me

I've been tagged!

Six things you don't know about me

1) When I'm asleep, I often dream that I'm a secret agent. I usually have very active dreams.

2) I did an internship at Victoria's Secret when I was in grad school. This really amused the potential employees who looked at my resume and saw the bachelor's degree from BYU and the internship at Victoria's Secret. Victoria's Secret was trying to build up an analytic section to see if leopard prints really sold better in Miami and Las Vegas, or if the the red intimates sold better at Valentine's Day. They eventually scrapped the idea and went back to the buyer's intuition on what items to stock up on, but it was an interesting experience to work there.

3) If you look at my DVD collection, you would think that I am married. I have just as many action and sports movies as I do chick flicks. And I watch the action and sports movies just as much, if not more, than the chick flicks! My favorites include Remember the Titans, Timeline, Ocean's Eleven, Pride and Prejudice (any version) and Ever After.

4) I was held up at knifepoint on my mission (Mom--did I ever tell you about this?). I'd only been out in the field a month or two. My companion was sick so I was out with a woman from the ward. It was 8:30 or 9:00 at night and we'd just finished an appointment. My companion for the evening was already in the car and I was just getting in the car when a woman came up to me. She pulled out a knife and held it against my abdomen. She went on to talk about how I shouldn't be alone at night because it wasn't safe, that there were all kinds of people out at night who wanted to hurt me. She didn't want anything from me, she just wanted to tell me all the dangers of being out at night--with the knife against my stomach! She went on for about 5 minutes. My companion for the evening didn't see the knife and just thought that I was making a contact. Finally the man who was with the woman told her they needed to get going and they left. I wasn't hurt, but was shaken.

5) I have Addison's disease. My adrenal gland is gone (my immune system ate it). The adrenal gland regulates electrolytes and releases steroids, such as adrenaline, to help your body deal with the stresses of everyday life. Generally I just take some medication every day to mimic what my adrenal gland should be doing, and am fine. However, under certain situations, such as having diarrhea and/or vomiting, my body can't deal with the stress by itself and I get dehydrated very quickly as my body can't regulate the electrolytes. I need to go to the ER and get an IV to rehydrate me and give me the steroids my body needs. This is what put me in the hospital recently--I had a very violent and quick-acting GI bug and I became super dehydrated very quickly. I'm back to normal now and hopefully will be healthy for quite some time before I get another GI bug. I was diagnosed 4 1/2 years ago, and this is first time since then I've had to go to the hospital.

6) I love to make cards and scrapbook, and am learning to make jewelry. I also have written poetry in the past and would like to get back into that, as well as creative writing. Since I'm also a statistician and am good at thinking logically and analytically, I seem to have both the right brain and left brain thing going at the same time. Some people think that is weird or unusual.

I tag: Jodi, Cami and Jenn Chops.


Carroll Family said...

Thanks! It was great to catch up on your life -and being tagged was a great way to do it! I can't believe the knife story!

Cami said...

I wish I had secret agent dreams. How fun!