Thursday, March 20, 2008

Drought officially over

I just read the following article from the Boston Globe.
I have to laugh b/c it's all a matter of perspective.
Living out West and seeing rivers completely dried up
gives one a different perspective on a what a real drought
is. We've been in a "drought" for a few years here in Mass,
but everything has always been green and the rivers and
lakes are full. Not quite sure how we're in a drought?!
The pictures above show true drought--with Lake Powell
more than 100 feet below normal levels, and the Platte
completely dried up in spots in Nebraska.

By Matthew Collette, Globe Corrrespondent

An unusually wet February brought groundwater levels back
above normal levels across the state, causing the
Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency to announce
today that it had lifted a drought advisory issued in

The advisory issued Oct. 10 by MEMA cited the concern that
unusually dry conditions might cause fallen leaves to fuel
hard-to-fight fires. The drought advisory affected all
parts of the state except Cape Cod and the Berkshires.

Above-normal precipitation levels in the first three months
of the year -- notably February, when precipitation levels
were 270% above normal -- brought groundwater levels back

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Cami said...

I think it's pretty funny, too. I was just thinking about the "drought" and wondering if a water ban would be in effect again this year. Let's hope not!