Saturday, March 15, 2008

My Saturday

I started out this morning at 10 am on what I expected would be a 3 hour shopping / errand running trip. Eight hours later I staggered home. Here's all the stuff I bought. The backpack and blue bins are also full of stuff.

Stops included

A stop at the bank for quarters so I could do laundry
LL Bean store for a backpack and 72 hour kit supplies
Borders for a couple of books for myself and for some Easter surprises
Ninety-nine restaurant for lunch
Lowe's to get a key copied and try to get an attachment for my 2 portable dishwasher. Don't think I got the right thing and the guy wasn't very helpful, but as a bonus I did find some chairs for my balcony (super high so I can see over the fence). Didn't buy them, but now I know where to go.
Market Basket for canned goods for a 2 month food storage
Target for some necessities and more Easter surprises and surprises for Friendship Week
AC Moore for Friendship Week surprises and some craft scissors
Super Stop and Shop for my regular weekly shopping

Man--I really need to estimate this better in the future. Also washed some dishes and did my laundry today, and put away all my loot--all this took another 4 1/2 hours. Didn't get to taxes or reading/working on the paper for my class.

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Jaydee and Shaunda said...

Where did the shopping cart come from? Was that part of your shopping spree or does the condo have that to help haul up groceries/supplies? Looks like you got a lot accomplished. I'm impressed that it took you that long to fill the cart. I can fill a cart like that with just one trip to Walmart! Crazy.