Thursday, May 29, 2008

Cheering for the underdog

My sisters have some of the funniest kids. I always laugh when I hear their stories. These stories today are from the three youngest kids belonging to one sister. J is the oldest of the three, then T and R is the youngest.

A few years ago when J was about 4 and T was 2, J hit T or shoved him at the breakfast table. J was a pretty solid kid, still is, and T was a little bit of a lightweight then, so T couldn't get back at J with force. Instead he was a thinker. T waited for a few minutes until J forgot the incident, and then bopped J over the head with a muffin tin. His parents were laughing too hard to get mad at T and tell him not to hit J over the head with a muffin tin.

Today now T is 4 and R is 2. T tackled R but she's pretty good at holding her own. She turned right around and punched him in the nose. That apparently wasn't enough so she took a play foam sword and started hitting T. My sister was laughing too hard to get mad at R for beating on her older brother.

I bust out laughing whenever I hear stories of the ways the younger kids get back at the older kids and stand up for themselves.

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