Sunday, May 25, 2008

My First Sharing Time

Today I was in charge of Sharing Time, one of my responsibilities of being in the Primary Presidency. I've never done a Sharing Time before. I was a bit nervous about keeping the kid's attention, especially in junior primary. I picked 6 families from the scriptures and we talked about what we can learn from these families to make our own families stronger.

Junior primary seemed to listen for about the first 1/2 of sharing time, which is perhaps all I can expect of young children inside on a warm sunny day. It went really well in senior primary. I had each class be in charge of reading about one of the scriptural families and then sharing with the Primary what we can learn from that story.

I am really enjoying being in the Primary. It's fun to see the children and to work with Amy, Carrie and Shaunna.


Amy said...

You did awesome too! From the start you have great ideas! Yay for the rest of us, we are lucky to work with you!

Lorin and Marilyn said...

So, what do you think about Primary? The kids are usually cute, but often full of wisdom and sillyness. It is never boring.I liked your sharing time idea.