Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Single Life

Someone asked how the singles conference was on Saturday. The mere fact that I slept in my car through part of it should give you some idea. As usual, most of the people there were 50 or older and there were at least 10 women for every man. There were actually a couple of guys my age or younger, which is unusual. I met some nice women but that's really all that came of it. I didn't meet any men.

Does anybody know a few good men? Single, breathing and LDS is a good start :)

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Only_Me said...

Hello beautiful...
I enjoyed your blog. To answer your question in reference to finding good sweet men...they're either taken, not born, a myth or already have boyfriends :)...however, this isn't to state that there aren't wonderful suiters out there looking for someone sweet and intelligent like yourself...it's a matter of time I guess and things happen when you least expect them! much love and thanks for inviting us to your blog.