Saturday, July 19, 2008

Cursed by the Rain

It seems that lately I have attracted every single isolated thunderstorm in the area:

July 19: A downpour at Kimball's Ice Cream came out of nowhere. I have never seen a place clear out so fast. In less than 30 seconds we were the only ones still there.
July 18: 15 minutes into Shrek 3, they shut down the movie b/c of rain, thunder and lightning
July 3: big downpour while waiting for the 4th of July rehearsal
June 25: caught in downpour on short walk from subway to Fenway to catch a game

It's crazy. If all these storms are really "isolated" how do they always end up hitting exactly where I am when there is any forecast of rain???


Drewmeister said...

One of my friends read this and was very amused. During our downpour today she called to see if I had been caught in it. Luckily I was inside during the latest downpour, but only after canceling outdoor plans due to threatening weather.

arizonamama said...

We should come hang out with you then because we LOVE thunderstorms. Hopefully your luck will rub off.