Monday, July 14, 2008

Good day today!

The AC at work was fixed so I can be happier and more productive at work

I got to go on a "field trip" today to New England Baptist Hospital for a research meeting. I've never been there and it was a nice break in the day. It's a beautiful part of town. It's also VERY hilly for Boston. Much steeper hills than those on Beacon Hill. I got a nice workout walking up the hills to the hospital. Here is a picture that tried to capture that. It was about a 45 degree angle.
I took one of those "crazy, only in Boston" pictures. I was driving in this area when I first moved to Boston and all of a sudden realized that trolley tracks were in the middle of the lane. Yep, I was supposed to share the lane with a subway car. It was kind of freaky and I got out of the neighborhood as soon as I could. See the tracks? The inside lane of traffic goes right over those. Here is a shot of the subway. We had to cross a lane of traffic in order to board the trolley, so all the cars had to stop for us. Weird!My niece R remembers me from my trip to Montana. She was looking at pictures with her mom and said 'Lyn, 'Lyn. I'm so excited that she remembers me. She's only 2.

I visited Harriet and Warren in my ward for his birthday. He hands out candy to all the kids in the ward before church on Sunday and everyone loves the "candy man". We made birthday cards for him in Primary and I dropped them off today with my VT companion Judy (we VT Harriet). They loved the cards, so thank you Primary kids!


Jennifer said...

It is always fun when little ones remember who you are.

(glad I didn't have to walk up that hill!)

Lorin and Marilyn said...

That's crazy, having trolley cars and regular cars on the same road. Guess you are getting plenty of exercise hiking up those Boston hills.
Was Warren surprised to get the cards and brownies? What a nice way to say Happy Birthday.

Tim said...

I remember walking some of those hills in Boston on my choir trip. The view from the top was very pretty.