Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My surprise visit

This was such a fabulous weekend. We started out on Saturday with a stop by the farmer's market in the morning. They have cool farmer's markets out west--they're really big and have lots of artisans as well as the produce and baked goods. Then we went to a parade in a small town. My nephew C has never been to a parade before, but he caught on very quickly that when the candy is thrown he runs out to get it. The only problem was that he wasn't sure what to do when his hands were full. He wanted to get more candy, but he didn't want to give the candy he already had to me to guard, or to put it on the ground.

Here are T, E and R waiting for the parade to start

T's holding up the stash--it's almost as big as he is! I had a hard time getting an angle where I could get his head too.

My niece K is so much like me. She looks like me, she loves to read, she loves science and learning. Here's a picture I caught of her reading PJ. Here are her comments about the weekend:

Hi this is K. I got a new hamster we named it Sunbean.Our family is haveing fun with.

(I think she got distracted towards the end and didn't finish the sentence. She loves her hamster Sunbeam).

Here is a shot of C on Sunday. I love this little face that he makes

I got to be good friends with this cute little girl R over the weekend. She's such an adorable little kid.

J's all dressed up with the necklaces we got from the parade yesterday.

R's all dressed up too.

E's baptism day. I guess I didn't get a shot of her in her beautiful baptism dress that my mom made. If someone sends me the pic I'll add it to this blog.


arizonamama said...

K does look just like you. When I first saw her pic without reading the caption I thought you put in an old pic of you when you were young. Crazy. Glad you're doing well. - Cameo

Lorin and Marilyn said...

Hey, thanks for posting our fun weekend. The nieces and nephews all loved you and the extra attention they received. The candy bag was a hoot.