Friday, July 11, 2008

Productive Evenings

Last night I went to Cami's house to bead. We had a nice dinner (tomato soup and ham and cheese grilled sandwiches--yum!) and then we started working on projects. I made two new bracelets I can use with my medical ID and Cami made a necklace for her daughter and a bracelet. Next time we'll make earrings.

Tonight I am going to a new (to me anyway) scrapbook store in a nearby town for a midnight crop. I'm going there right after work and can stay until midnight if I like. I can also buy supplies at the store and dinner and full use of their die cut tools is a part of the $15 fee. A few people from my ward are going for a girl's night out. I plan to work on some cards.

I'll post pictures of both the bracelets and the cards tomorrow.

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Darce said...

That's cool! I didn't know you were so "crafty"! I was into beading for a while--it's fun. And, scrapbooking--well, it's always fun! Thanx for stopping by my blog.