Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Taking Boston for granted

As I was on the red line today, I started talking with a man and his daughters visiting from North Carolina as we were going over the Charles River. I pointed out various points of interest and they talked about things they wanted to see. I love seeing Boston in the eyes of those who visit. I take this view for granted, but it really is quite a spectacular view. There is much much to see and do here that I take for granted and don't even notice anymore. Here are some of my favorite pictures of Boston taken from Boston Photos. I'm sure I have some of these same pictures around somewhere.

Today this view was filled with sailboats and the occasional duckboat.

A few years ago they had these cows all over Boston. I don't remember why, but they were really funny. This one has a map of the T (subway) on it. There are more pictures of the cows (each unique) on the website mentioned above.

Who doesn't want to visit Fenway and see the game? I get to go again in August--yeah!

I love this view from the Public Garden Swan Pond. One thing I do not take for granted: Boston drivers. I was crossing the street this morning on my way into work, at the crosswalk with a pedestrian walk sign. The person who had stopped at the red light several seconds before all of a sudden decided to take off (with squealing tires no less) right as I was about to walk in front of her (still with the walk sign). I don't get it. That's the second time in 2 weeks that I've almost been run over in Boston.


Lorin and Marilyn said...

Boston is beautiful. I love the water and the parks. However, I don't like the traffic and rushing crowds. Glad you take time to enjoy the beauties of nature and of Boston.

rolana said...

I totally understand. I miss Boston, thanks for posting the great pics!!

Carroll Family said...

Beautiful! I'll have to visit someday!

Tim said...

Boston is a beautiful city with a lot to do. I love those pictures.

Becca said...

Those are awesome pics, L! Great post.

Darce said...

How lucky you are--you get to live in a place I would love to see! It looks beautiful. Enjoy!