Friday, August 15, 2008

The costs of home ownership

I had my first significant problem as a homeowner today--plugged up sink and leaky faucet. If it was just the plugged up sink I would have bought Liquid Plummer and tried to solve the problem myself. But I have no idea how to fix a leaky faucet! Almost $400 later, here is my new faucet and my no longer plugged up sink (that was thrown in for free). Is this a reasonable price? I have no idea!!! It seems steep to me, but they wanted to charge over $200 just to unplug the sink before they decided to throw it in for free. The faucet was really old and the cost to repair was almost as much as the cost of a new one.


Cami said...

Ouch; what a way to start off on your vacation! But at least now you have a lovely new faucet to greet you when you get back.

Lorin and Marilyn said...

Who knows what repairs costs. Homeownership is fun, but can be expensive. However, your new sink looks great.

rolana said...

Sorry, I hate repairs!