Monday, August 11, 2008

Driving Pet Peeves

I'm lucky enough to get to drive in rush traffic every day. Here are a few things that really set me off:

Not using "directionals". Many intersections here have 2 lanes. You can turn left from the left lane, turn right from the right lane, or go straight in either lane. It drives me crazy when I pull up at a red light, intending to go straight, behind someone who gives no indication they are turning left. As soon as the light turns green, they turn on their blinker and I'm stuck.

Cars that cut in front of me and then proceed to go below the speed limit. Usually there's no one behind me in these situations, so what's the rush to go slow??

Drivers that like to honk repeatedly because they're stuck in traffic (along with everybody else). They remind me of toddlers who throw a tantrum b/c they don't get their way, ensuring that everybody suffers along with them.

Things that make my day:

License plates that make me smile (and trying to take the picture from my car on my cell phone). If you can't read it, the license plate is "Sox Gal"People being nice to others on the road.

Listening to music from other cars on a sunny day

Shorter commute b/c everyone's on vacation

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Lorin and Marilyn said...

Things that make me happy...signs on cars like "go team go"; happy bumper stickers; red convertibles in the summer, and vacation stickers.