Thursday, August 21, 2008

Special times with kids

I love watching young children fall asleep, and the change from wiggliness and animation to peaceful slumber. I lay down with my niece R to help her fall asleep for her afternoon nap today. She was up and down, reading her book and finding her water cup, then all of a sudden she yawned and rubbed her eyes and was asleep within 30 seconds.

This afternoon R & T & J and I went to the park. We played tag, ran "underdog" on the swings, and climbed up the slide. It was so much fun! I made jewelry yesterday with the older girls, so this was my special time with the younger kids. You'll always find the two boys wrestling.
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Lorin and Marilyn said...

Sounds like you are really enjoying your nieces and nephews. They are lucky to have you as an aunt.Is that your niece E or R? I was confused.

Carroll Family said...

You're such a fun aunt!!! She looks a lot like how I remember your little sister when you lived here.