Monday, August 25, 2008

Just another Monday

Today started out kinda bad--I overslept by 40 minutes. Didn't even hear my alarm go off. However, it turned out really well. Traffic is really light since most people are on vacation, so I was only a few minutes late to work. It was a good, productive day at work.

I had the Gillespie's over for dinner tonight. The kids swam in the pool and we BBQd hamburgers. It was really good and quite easy. I think everyone had a good time. They left me the briquettes that they brought, so I'll definitely have others over. I would have taken pictures but it was almost dark when they came over.

All of my mail from the past week was delivered today. I now have all the books from my class (all 12 books--yikes!) I don't know if you can tell, but stacked up they're almost 9 inches thick. I'm taking a Colonial American class by a professor that I really like, so I'm looking forward to this semester.


ellen said...

A dozen books?!? No way!

Carroll Family said...

Wow - is that all for one class? I like colonial American History - but I don't know if I could read that much!

Drewmeister said...

Yep--all for one class. I'll probably spend 2-3 hours reading every night.

Lorin and Marilyn said...

Tell the Gillespie's hi. Looks like you have a bit of reading ahead.