Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Awesome Friend

I had a rough week last week and Eileen was so sweet. She brought her kids over to my house one day and took me out to Burger King and then to look at the ducks. Just hanging out with them helped me feel so much better. I was having a rotten day again on Sunday and she stopped over with a gift of beautiful earrings--long dangly ones that are my favorite type.

I have been friends with Eileen for a long time. At first we would go out for dinner or the theatre or hang out and watch movies. In the years since she has adopted two wonderful children--O and Q. We don't go out to dinner that much anymore as her children are young, but it's so fun to play with O and Q. She'll often invite me over for dinner, then I'll play with the kids and help put them to bed. After they're in bed we'll just talk about whatever until it's late. I'm so grateful that Eileen, O and Q are a part of my life. She is an awesome friend!


ellen said...

Eileen is the best.

Lorin and Marilyn said...

Friends are so special and Eileen is great. Her kids are sure growing up.

Carroll Family said...

It's soooooo great to have good friends!!! BTW - you've been tagged - see my blog!

Jennifer said...

I love Eileen! She is so great!

Good Friends are the best!