Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Knight Rider

Remember the Knight Rider series in the 1980s with David Haselhoff? I remember that I loved th show and we would watch it as a family. The only scene I remember took on a highway out in the middle of nowhere. Kitt drove up into a semi-truck as it was driving at highway speeds. Kinda strange that's the only scene I remember.

Anyway there's a new Knight Rider series that premieres tonight. It seems pretty good. Here's the new KITT and Michael Knight.

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The Raymonds said...

you probably remember that scene because it was in just about every episode. hasselhoff would drive kit up the ramp into that huge black truck and then get out and talk to that white-haired guy on a tv screen. soooo futuristic.

Carroll Family said...

I LOVED that show - how was the new one? I missed it.

Lori Lyn said...

Thanks Emily--now I know why I remember that scene!

The new Knight Rider is like a Bonds movie, but a tad cleaner.