Thursday, October 9, 2008

craft area

Here is my craft area from a few months ago:
Here it is now--much better don't you think? I got the idea for much of it off "rate my space" at hgtv. I finished wrapping the ribbon around clothespins while listening to General Conference this past weekend.

I still have figure out what to do with the bottom two shelves: these items don't fit in bins. Any ideas?


rebecca said...

I've never heard of the ribbon/clothes pin trick. I like the new look. I really need to tackle my craft/desk space too.

Cami said...

Nice job! I had one possible idea: you could put a nifty little matching curtain over the bottom two shelves. Then you can come to my house and organize my closet of chaos. :)

Courtney said...

I like your space. It's very neat and clean. I also like Cami's idead to do a curtain around the bottom shelves.