Friday, October 3, 2008

An Interesting Person

One of my colleagues today called me an "interesting person", because of my many passions and interests. I'm not quite sure how I ended up with such varied interests, but I certainly wish I had more time to devote to some of these passions that get pushed to the bottom of my list for lack of time. He thinks I have a lot of energy--I truly wish I had half the energy he imagines that I have! Here are some of my favorite passions:

1) History
2) Family History
3) Statistics

I would love to merge the first 3 somehow and write papers for the family history field--I think that's a pretty good niche for me that would not be crowded.

4) Creating paper cards
5) Photography
6) Making photo cards
7) Creating jewelry
8) Scrapbooking
9) Writing poetry
10) Reading mysteries

Things that women generally like that are definitely NOT on my list of passions:
shopping for clothes/accessories
gabbing with friends about nothing in particular
window shopping at the mall
eating at nice restaurants


rebecca said...

You've got some really interesting things on your list. Your coworker was right about you.

arizonamama said...

Yes, you are interesting. I'd have to agree with most of your likes and dislikes. Perhaps the Jones gene runs stronger than I thought.