Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Into the Woods

Yesterday I went to see "Into the Woods" with Eileen at the Turtle Lane Playhouse in Newton. I saw a high school production years ago when I was in college. I find the idea of mixing up fairy tales to be fascinating and have written part of a short story with a mixed up tale of Sleeping Beauty for a writing class. My very favorite part of the whole show was the scene where Cinderella's Prince Charming and Rapunzel's prince sing "Agony." I looked online for a good youtube video of this scene, but didn't find anyone that portrayed their agony as well as the princes in the show last night. Here is the best one I found (the song starts almost 2 minutes into the video). Watch it here

The playhouse is pretty cool. It's a small theater than can hold maybe 100 people, and it is a modified house.

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