Sunday, January 4, 2009

My Sunday dinner lost

After grocery shopping yesterday, I went to my very favorite local grille and bought my very favorite take-out dinner as a treat for all my hard work this weekend. They make the best pot roast, complete with baked potato, broccoli and rolls straight out of the oven. The dinner is pretty cheap, and it's enough for 2 meals. I was so looking forward to getting home and having some of that dinner and saving the rest for my Sunday dinner.

I put all my groceries into my little cart and put the pot roast dinner on top. As I was heading across the parking lot to my building, I hit a big pothole and everything went flying. All the groceries were salvaged, but alas, my dinner was all over the asphalt.

I was really too tired last night to be disappointed for more than a few minutes. But I was very disappointed this morning that I would come home from church to no Sunday dinner. Luckily one of my friend's kids invited me to dinner (and she agreed). The menu was beet soup, green salad, pork chops and fruit for dessert. The pork chops especially were yummy! Thanks Amy and family!


Lorin and Marilyn said...

The roast sounded great....but you still got a great dinner.

Carroll Family said...

I think I really would have started crying right there in the parking lot - especially after I had worked all day and that was my reward!

Jodi and Jesse said...

That is so sad. I feel your disappointment. :)