Tuesday, February 10, 2009

25 things about me

I posted this on facebook, but I don't think I did it right. So here's the list again for anyone who's interested.

1) I only signed up on Facebook to reconnect with old friends. I still use it for that purpose, and usually use the contact info on facebook to contact them outside of facebook

2) I love chocolate--anything chocolate!

3) I aspire to love running--it's a work in progress!

4) I hate my commute

5) I love my job, which makes the commute worth it

6) I love homemade bread, and recently learned how to make it.

7) I have visited at least 30 states (I have to step off airport property to count it as a visit). The south is the geographic area where I have visited the least number of states

8) I'm a packrat

9) I want less clutter in my house--need to find the balance between 8 and 9

10) I'm craving peanut butter cookies right now

11) I love the view from my balcony

12) I love talking sports with my dad

13) I grew up by the mountains--east was always where the mountains were. Now that I live by large bodies of water, people tell me I just need to remember that east is where the ocean is. Too bad I can't see the ocean to know which way it is from where I am when I'm lost!

14) I don't have a favorite color--I like them all

15) Now that I own my place, I love HGTV

16) My summer project is to paint my walls, kitchen and bathroom

17) I love gardening, but have a hard time keeping houseplants alive

18) The current series of "cozy" mysteries I am reading is by Diane Mott-Davidson

19) I also enjoy Joanne Fluke's series, and Jill Churchill's series

20) I got rid of the TV in my living room and am working on going completely TV-less (I still use the one in my bedroom without cable)

21) I love sunrises and sunsets

22) I'm not a night owl

23) I'm going to put together a bar stool this week that I bought at Target

24) I love Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series books 1 and 3

25) I'm glad to be done with this list!

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Lorin and Marilyn said...

I think it is pretty interesting. I'm impressed you analyzed yourself.