Sunday, February 22, 2009

Primary Helps

I am pleasantly surprised at how much I have grown to love teaching Primary (the Sunday School class in our church for 7 year old children). I have such great, excited kids in my class. I'm constantly striving to be a better teacher, but haven't quite figured out the following. Any suggestions?

How to teach the Articles of Faith (short sentences describing what we believe). I have written them on the chalkboard, and then we take turns erasing 2 words at a time, repeating the Article of Faith after each turn. That works, but do you have any other fun ideas?

Fun things to do at the end of class to wrap things up. My mom suggested taking turns tossing a bean bag around and asking each other questions about the lesson. Any other fun ideas?

We have 5 rules in our class. For each rule the class obeys well they get one point, up to 5 points each Sunday. Once they have earned 60 points, between 3-4 months if they earn most points each Sunday, they are invited to a party at my house. Right now I am keeping track of this on paper, but I would love to have the kids be able to put beans or rocks or something into a little bottle so it's more interactive. Once it's filled up, we have our party. I haven't been able to find the right combination of bottle and fillers to come out to 60 filling up the container. Any suggestions?

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ellen said...

Try the Article of Faith songs!