Monday, February 16, 2009

Such Awesome Friends

This weekend has been such a good weekend. I have been in a great mood and it's all because I have such wonderful friends.

I already blogged about seeing A & J.

Yesterday while all the kids were involved in activity groups during sharing time I was able to talk with some of the other teachers. I talked with Laura, whose husband Dan and son M are my home teachers. I mentioned my house is a complete disaster b/c school and work are currently taking priority. The thing that bothered me the most was that my vacuum broke and my carpet was in serious need of vacuuming. So Laura passed on the message, and Dan & M brought the vacuum with them when they came to home teach and did my vacuuming--that was so sweet. My house looks so much better now. I have become such good friends with Laura and Dan and their whole family since they have been in the ward. Laura went to the hospital with me last year and stayed up with me the whole night in the ER until I stabilized. They have helped me with paper card making when I had the crazy idea to give each sister a set of 6 cards, all unique designs for Christmas, (that's about 50 unique cards) and didn't start making them until a couple of months before Christmas. I still made most of them, butLaura and her daughters helped with the cards I gave to Christy and Chelsea. I recently taught their girls how to make bracelets. I'm going to miss them when Dan finishes school and they go back home.

Then the LaP's called me to tell me they had something for me and to come pick it up (more about that later b/c it deserves it's own post). When I came to pick it up, they invited me to stay for their famous homemade baked bean and weiner Sunday dinner. I was invited last week too--so that's two Sunday nights in a row! The other guests were two of my good friends from the singles ward: Daryl and Jarrick. It was fun to see them again.

Today Eileen and O and Q are taking me to lunch. I don't see them as much when I"m in school, so I'm excited to spend some time with them today. Usually when I go to visit I can hear O and/or Q chanting "LL, LL" when I knock on the door. Eileen is another of those friends who I can always count on. I most enjoy just kicking back and talking with her about whatever.

My parents and sisters are my best friends. This too deserves its own blog, so I'll post more about them later.

There are many more wonderful friends I have who touch my life on a regular basis. These are just the ones that have touched my life this weekend.

so to all my awesome friends around the world (I just reconnected with a college roommate who lives in Japan)--THANK YOU! You bless my life so much!

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Lorin and Marilyn said...

What a positive note! Friends and family are truly blessings and it's great that we can all help each other.