Monday, May 25, 2009

Blast from the Past

When I was young, we had a series of "value" books in our house that used historical figures to teach such things as honesty, gaining knowledge, sportsmanship, kindness, etc. My sister asked each of us to choose a value and write a story from our life about that for her children. I chose the value knowledge and wrote about reading and spelling bees. I finished pulling together scans of the newspaper article and pictures of the trophies today. Here is my story and some of what I sent my sister:

When I was in second grade I loved to learn and read. Probably because of all the reading I did, I was a pretty good speller. One day I was sick and didn’t go to school. We lived only a block away from the school and some of my friends came to my house during lunch. They asked my Mom if I could come to school for the rest of the day. There was a spelling bee that day—girls against boys-and they wanted me to be on their team. I went to school, but I don’t remember if we won the spelling bee. But I was happy that people came to ask me to be on their spelling bee team because I had gained knowledge on how to spell by all the reading I did.

I continued to read and was in several spelling bee competitions after that. When I was in 8th grade, I went all the way to the state spelling bee and placed 10th. They gave us a book to practice from but I thought that being a good speller should be based on what is in my brain rather than a study booklet so I didn't study the booklet. If I had, I would have placed higher because some of the students could only spell the words in the booklet but not other words. I was in a newspaper article and won a trophy for the regional spelling bee on my way to state. I'm so glad I love to read because it has helped me gain knowledge in so many ways in my life.

Picture of me in kindergarten (closest I could find to 2nd grade):
Picture of me in 4th grade when I came in 2nd and won this trophy:

Trophy I won in the regional spelling bee on my way to placing 10th in the state spelling bee in 8th grade:


Lorin and Marilyn said...

You were great at spelling. You could spell words that I couldn't at your spelling bees. They were fun, but sure made Dad and me nervous

Hollist Family said...

You're amazing. Simply amazing!!!

Jennifer said...

That is so great! I was always out in the first round. The day I discovered Spell Check was a happy one for me!