Monday, June 1, 2009

Help me Name my Business!

I am trying to come up with a name for a business I am starting and need your help because the names I really want to use have already been taken.

Prize: The winner gets his/her choice of photo cards (see examples of my photography here and here), homemade paper cards, or 2 hours genealogy work on your family line (only includes work with US records and I must have the genealogical information in hand by July 1 so I can work on it over the summer).

Rules: Multiple entries are encouraged. Feel free to share with your friends and ask them to submit. If I don't know you, please leave an email or blog address so I can get in contact with you if you win. There must not be a website already using your submitted name. Entries must be received by midnight June 12 to be eligible for prize.

Background: My business will consist of giving lectures on social history to genealogical societies, historical societies and at genealogical conferences. I will focus on Colonial New England. Each lecture will describe what life was like in a given time and place. Highlights will include local, regional and world events that affected daily life during that time period. The focus of the lectures will be to help genealogists connect with their ancestors in terms of their daily life, and not just as names and dates on a piece of paper.

Names: I really like the idea of making connections. While "connections" doesn't need to be in the name, the name should reflect the idea of connecting with the past.
The names I wanted to use that are already taken are:
Connecting Lives
Lives Connected

Be creative in coming up with meaningful names.

Ready. Set. Go.!


Drewmeister said...

From Wendy S M:

Building bridges
Bridging the gap

Cami said...

A few ideas:

Hands across the generations
Quilting the Past: Piecing together your family history one story at a time
Genealogical Locksmith (Helping you unlock your past)
Their stories, my past
Anchors in Time

Courtney said...

The Past Connected
Connecting History
Bringing the past alive
United Past

Ross said...

Lori, this is Ross and Christy. Here are a few ideas. Some we like, some may just be food for thought to get the creative juices flowing.

The List: (purchase both and (This is a common accounting term that stands for Last-In-First-Out; meaning that the latest basket of goods produced is the first to be sent out. In a spiritual sense it could be taken that “the last shall be first, and the first shall be last”- in a sense the turning of the hearts of the children to their fathers. All in all “Lifo” is a memorable name that is unique for the environment you will be working in. Also the current owner of this domain is entertaining offers to buy it right now. Visit for more info.) (is available) (is available) (is available) ( is owned by It would seem that it is available to be purchased. No real content on the website if you look it up.) (is available) (Like intersection encounters. Meeting at the cross roads. How to find your way through the traffic and meet the right people at the right place and time.) (is available) (is available) ( is for sale but currently owned by someone else.)

Drewmeister said...

From Mike M

Hi LL,
Hey, this sounds interesting. Here are some names and URLs I came up with. I checked them at


Timeless - available

Our - available

Their - available

Way Back - available

Once Upon - available

The Way It Used to - available

The Way Things Used to - available

The Way Things - available

t said...

my own business name is Relatively Curious...

How about Relatively Connected?

rebecca said...

You are getting some GREAT suggestions!!!

Mine is... Colonial Connections

Ross, Christy, Caden, and Coby said...


Christy and I had a few more ideas. (is available- same as one of the previous names we thought of, you would probably want to also buy (could be that you provide the keys that will help them unlock "time." Or you provide the keys at the right time for their current research or learning stage.)

Ok, this one is just from ross. If I remember correctly you did not want your own name to be part of the company name, is that right? Anyway, what about... Geneallori ( made up names most of the time are more memorable than using a combination of ordinary names.) (is available) (is available)

Jennifer said...

I can't think of any but my favorite from the list so far is Genealogical Locksmith

Ross, Christy, Caden, and Coby said...

Bridging the past (
Colonial bridge (
( available)