Saturday, June 13, 2009


My presentation went very well yesterday. I started out with a quiz on expectations of women in colonial New England to get the discussion going. High score was 14/18. Can you beat that? All are True/False questions and I didn't try to make them trick questions so don't over-analyze. You can email your answers to me at Contest ends midnight on Sunday, June 14. Prize TBD: baked goods or cards. Those at the presentation last night are not eligible.

1. Newly married brides had equal say with their husbands about which business should be the family business.

2. A woman was expected to carry on the family business after her husband’s death.

3. Women were free to start their own business.

4. A girl’s attire was very similar to the clothing her mother wore.

5. There was a distinct division of labor between men and women on farms.

6. Colonial New Englanders married early—in their teens.

7. Divorce was not recognized or legal in colonial New England

8. Ownership of a woman’s property was legally transferred to her husband upon marriage.

9. A husband was expected to consult with his wife when making decisions regarding finances and property.

10. It was legal in colonial New England for a husband to hit his wife.

11. Sex between a married woman and a man (single or married) was considered adultery and was a capital offense.

12. Sex between an unmarried woman and a man (single or married) was considered adultery and was a capital offense.

13. People immigrating to New England tended to arrive in family groups rather than as single men and women.

14. There was a high rate of illiteracy among women.

15. A woman’s domain was the family dwelling and yard surrounding it.

16. Single males outnumbered single females 4 to 1.

17. Women bore about 8 children on average.

18. Women were not allowed to speak publicly.

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