Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Most people know how much I hate my commute. I switched it up yet again trying to find something workable for me. I drove to the commuter rail station near where I used to live (so I can use my current subway pass rather than pay for a commuter pass), took it into North Station and then walked to work. Saves $5.50 for parking if I do this rather than park at the Wellington T station (subway) but I'm a slave to the commuter train schedule. Commute time is similar both ways (1 hour each way). Will try the commuter rail thing again to save $5.50/day.

I had to laugh to myself on my trip home on the commuter rail. The person in the seat behind me just started a new job and was talking on his cell phone about his commute. He lives north of Boston and commutes into downtown/south Boston just like me. Commuter train to North Station, orange subway line to red subway line, red subway line to close to work, and finally walk 1/2 mile to his job. That's even worse than my commute! The funny part was he said he was sure he'd get used to it. I said that when I first moved here, but 7 years later I'm still not used to it.


Lorin and Marilyn said...

Just think of all the great walk you get in every day. You could move out west, we have a little more room here.

Yaker621 said...

Yes, but have you calculated the money you would save in a year?!?! You could buy me something!!! You could buy a LOT of somethings!!! Or, better yet, you could SAVE it!!! Now THERE'S an idea!!!