Sunday, November 22, 2009


Thus far friends have made/bought and shared with me 2 birthday cakes and a cupcake, and it's not even my birthday yet. The funny part is I have so many cakes for this birthday, while I rarely had cake for my birthday. My birthday was the 5th in my family in a span of 6 weeks, so we were all sick of cake when my birthday came around. I often had cream pie or apple crisp for my birthday "cake".

This is the official cake for my birthday party last night. It is delicious and was beautiful. I wish I had taken a picture before it was cut up. This is just the part I brought home with me. The party was fun. About 8 people showed up and talked and ate. 3 of us went to see New Moon--I liked it.

This is the cake that was bought by one of the hosts when the brownie bites didn't turn out. I'll take it in to work tomorrow.
This is a cupcake from Sweet (a shop known for its cupcakes) from a friend at church. It didn't quite survive the trek upright, but was still good.


ellen said...

It's fun when birthdays last more than one day! Enjoy!!

Lorin and Marilyn said...

It's great to have friends to help you celebrate..and then you had enough cake to celebrate again at work.
Happy Birthday. Love Mom and Dad