Monday, January 11, 2010

Love this book!

I saw this book advertised in a genealogy magazine, but it's not about genealogy. It's an intriguing fictional plot that entwines the lives of a modern-day graduate student and a woman apparently accused of being a witch in the Salem Witch trials. I haven't finished it yet b/c I had to put it down at page 78 to do other things, but it was hard to put down! Highly recommend this book based on what I have read thus far. The trailer on the website is interesting.


Chris and Kim said...

You once posted about a book that had 'bones' in the title. I was wondering if you enjoyed it and would recommend it as a book club book? Or is the one in this post better?

Drewmeister said...

Hi Kim,

I think this book would make for a better book club book than Only a Few Bones. Deliverance Dane is a quick read (altho it's about 300 pages) and is fast-paced and suspenseful. This book does have a little witchcraft in it (used for a good purpose--like Harry Potter). The book follows a series of mother-daughters on the fringes of society and suspected of bad witchcraft for that reason, mostly viewed through the lens of a modern-day female graduate student. That would make for a really interesting discussion.

I haven't made it very far into Only a Few Bones. But I don't think it's a quick read. I hesitate to say more either way until I have read the entire book.