Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My office wall

I've been wanting to hang some of my photos on my work wall for months. I finally had someone help me with it in early January. I love looking at my new wall art!

This is one of my favorite photos. I took it at sunset in Montana. The colors and the picture itself are so muted it looks like a painting.

This was taken looking out my office window.
Another favorite taken at a pond nearby.
The top part is Gettysburg. I have a thing for cannons--not sure why. The bottom photo is sunset on the Mississipi in Illinois.


Carroll Family said...

Those are beautiful! Great job!

Can I Have This Dance.... said...

The pictures are really nice! You did a great job shooting them.

Jennifer said...

Very cool. My office walls are bare. I should fix that!

Lorin and Marilyn said...

I love um. I especially love the sunsets and rainbows.