Saturday, June 19, 2010

Beading Night

Once or twice a year I get together with Cami for dinner and beading. It motivates us both to dig into our beading supplies and create some nice jewelry.

Last night I introduced her kids to strawberry shortcake. I think it was a hit! C practically inhaled his and B asked for seconds and thirds.
I also finally finished some jewelry for my mom that was supposed to be her 2009 Mother's Day gift. I wish I picked up another set of beads to make an identical bracelet for me--it's such a gorgeous combination.

Cami uses hemp to make some really cool jewelry. She made these last night. Maybe someday I can learn more from her.

My niece has requested some earrings for her birthday this summer, so Cami and I have a good excuse to get together again. Looking forward to it!

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