Sunday, March 6, 2011

My New Wall

At least it seems new to me. After almost 4 years of living with a white and green wall, I now have this lovely warm beige brown wall. My friend came over yesterday and did most of the painting while I entertained her daughter. I love my new wall. I especially love it in the morning when the light is better because it looks almost like honey and is such a warm color.

Here are a couple of pictures to help you see it, but the color isn't quite right. It's really much more warm and brown this this shows.

Part of this wall is in the living room and part is in the hall. In the living room the opposite wall is my red wall.
And here is a blank palette of about 5x5 feet where I can display some of my photography. I'm excited to choose some for the wall. This is also a beige color and not gray/white.


Anonymous said...

very nice

Tara said...

now we have to paint that bathroom

mtduckgirl said...

So fun! I have just moved and am contemplating what I can do to spruce up my new place!! i enjoy your blog, I hope you don't mind if I continue to read it!!