Sunday, May 22, 2011

Summer to-do list

I took my final a week ago and am looking forward to a summer with no classes! I still need to find a thesis topic and do a lot of research (if I can sneak in time between playing with my friends), but no deadlines, papers or tests until next fall. Now if only the sun could find it's way out from behind all the clouds!

Here is my to-do list (not in any particular order)

1) Paint my kitchen cabinets white and kitchen walls chocolate brown, peel off the 20+ year old corkboard on my bedroom wall & other household maintenance/cleaning tasks
2) Make some jewelry and paper and photo cards

3) Get through my summer reading list. It's rather eclectic--a mix of history, genealogy and fun.
4) Play with my friends. Fun things include: dinners, musicals and day trips
5) Celebrate my grandpa's 90th birthday at a family reunion
6) Come up with an idea for a new genealogy lecture and start putting it together
7) Come up with a thesis topic and begin preliminary research--THIS IS THE BIGGIE
8) Stick to a healthy diet and exercise program
9) Give a presentation at a national conference for work
10) Try to get some R&R and sleep in between accomplishing all the items on this list!


Lorin and Marilyn said...

Wait, I don't see any R&R time. I sounds like a busy, but fun summer.We can hardly wait to see you

Carroll Family said...

Sounds fun! You'll love Hunger Games, btw - you'll read it so fast!