Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Making it through March

I looked back through my to-do list for the month and was pleasantly surprised by how much I had crossed off (bolded & italicizes are the ones that are completed).

Day job:
1 Help prepare all the data management for an NIH site visit
2) Finish some fairly complicated analyses for abstract deadlines
3) Wrap up loose ends for a project that is ending (ongoing)
4) Start several new projects at work (ongoing)
5) Help a graduate student finish her thesis in clinical care research

1) Teach 3 genealogy seminars over 2 days (1 taught, 2 to go)
2) Make a research plan for the Levi Savage project (in process)
3) Talk with other authors about their experiences (appointments made)

1) Keep up with the weekly reading and lectures (hard to do on even a slow week)
2) Attend a couple of seminars that are related to my class or thesis
3) Come up with an idea for the paper for my class and write the proposal (I have the idea)
4) At least glance through the stack of books in my living room related to my thesis to decide if I need to check them out again this summer

1) Take another 3 day weekend in western Mass
2) Spend some time with my aunt and uncle who are coming out for a sightseeing/business trip
3) Try to keep up with the many new cozy mystery books released in March & my TV shows (NCIS, NCIS LA, Castle, Psych, White Collar). Necessary to help me keep my sanity (keeping it barely!)

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