Monday, July 9, 2012

Catching up

My poor, neglected blog. Finishing up the last class for my master's degree (yahoo!) and starting on the transcription of the document I will use for my thesis about did me in. But hopefully I am back now. Here are some random images from the past few months.

Laree is going on a mission for our church to California, Spanish-speaking. I served a mission in California, Spanish-speaking many years ago and am so excited for her. She had her farewell open house last night. I'd heard all about these pinata cookies from her mom, but they looked much better than I could even imagine them.

A few weeks ago I went to the opening of an exhibit on the War of 1812 and naval history in Massachusetts at the Massachusetts Historical Society. One of the staff made these "tall ship" cookies--aren't they adorable?

I went to a Red Sox game back in early May. When was the last time since before this season that both the Yankees and the Red Sox have been at the bottom of the AL East?

We have a Pinewood Derby every year for the Boy Scouts in my church. This year they decided to invite the girls who are the same age. Turned out this "car" was the one to beat. The boys didn't even care who won as long as the "Pink High Heel" didn't win. One of the boys did win, but this high heel came in 2nd!


Can I Have This Dance.... said...

Fun Cookies! I met someone that knows you the other day. We were at EFY and one of the speakers was Emily Snyder. We had a nice visit about Boston and I said that I knew someone who lived there. She said you were visiting teaching partners when she first moved there...small world! Hope you are doing well and able to relax a little after all your hard work on your masters program

Drewmeister said...

Not sure how to get back in touch with you since I can't find your blog--but yes, it is so fun to make all these connections. Emily is so much fun-I'm sure she was a wonderful speaker at EFY. Relaxed a little after I finished classes, but then got right into transcribing and research.

Lorin and Marilyn said...

I loved the cookies, and the pink high heel car. I'll be those boys were surprised to be racing against a "girly" car