Sunday, December 9, 2012

Birthday Quiz

This is the quiz we came up with to celebrate my birthday and see how well people know me. Take a stab and post your answers in the comments on my blog. The answer sheet will be posted in a few days.

Since Lori Lyn spends much of her day sitting in front of the computer doing statistical analysis, we decided to use stats to see how well you know her 

1) What percentage of her life has been spent in school?

2) How many sisters does she have?

3) What is the probability of having this many sisters and no brothers?

4) What is the average time it takes her to get ready in the morning?

5) How many colleges has she attended?

6) How many countries has she visited?

7) How many books does she own (hardcover/paperback only) ?

8) What percentage of the books are:
a) Fiction
b) Non-fiction

9) How many books does she have on her kindle?

10) How many genealogy classes did/will she teach in 2012?

11) What is the median time it takes her to make dinner?

12) Rank the following sports from 1-5 where 1 is her favorite and 5 is her least favorite to watch

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