Saturday, January 12, 2013

40th birthday

I had the most amazing birthday a month ago. Birthdays are not usually a big deal to me, but I wasn't sure how 40 would be, so I was proactive and invited my friends to a birthday party a few months in advance. I told my family about this and received a sweet card from my sister with her flight itinerary asking if she could come to my party. My parents came out too. I didn't even think about turning 40--I just had a great time with my family.

My sister came Tuesday night and my parents came on Thanksgiving Day. We had Thanksgiving with some of my friends and celebrated my birthday on Friday.

I woke up to this: a shower of cards. My family had invited friends and relatives to write me letters or cards for my birthday and put many of them into the binder. I didn't get to read them all until a few weeks later, but their goal was to get 40 and I think they did. It was so fun to read from my sisters and their spouses and kids, my parents, and cousins, aunts and uncles, and friends.


Then I got to open presents.The book has a section on pictures of me growing up, lots of written memories by family and friends, and some extra sheet protectors to include all the cards that were written for my birthday.
See the very big bag? It is full of 14 pillowcases that my 12 year old niece made. She made one for each month, plus a birthday pillowcase and a Nebraska Huskers pillowcase. I was so impressed and am having so much fun using them.
Here are all of them

Then we went to the temple and prepared for my birthday party

That night my friend Tara hosted an informal drop-by party for friends. Many were away for the holiday, but those that came had a good time.
 On Saturday we went to the Orchard House (Louisa May Alcott's home in Concord) and took the tour. I hadn't been in a while and had forgotten all the social history information that they shared as part of the tour.

We also went out to lunch for my birthday dinner at Ixtapa. It's one of my favorite restaurants and is located in Woburn Center. I tried carne asada for the first time and love it. Afterwards, we walked around the little village that was set up on the Woburn common as part of their Christmas and holiday display.

On Sunday we skyped with all the other sisters and their families. It was my parents and Shaunda's first time skyping and I think they are converted.They also got to meet some of my friends at church. We wore out my mom and dad--both took naps on Sunday.

Monday was a "stay-at-home" day. We did a lot of baking. We made fudge, homemade bread, Mrs. Field's cookie dough, and other fun treats.
My dad loves his iPad and was often checking Facebook and doing other things during the visit.
That night we went downtown for a special shopping night where all the mom and pop stores were offering discounts. We bought some Christmas gifts and then had hot chocolate at one of the local establishments. The trees in the center were all lit up and it was a fun way to end the vacation.

Shaunda and my parents flew out very early Tuesday morning and I went back to work but I am so glad they came out to spend some time with my on my birthday weekend. We made some great memories.


Lorin and Marilyn said...

We did have so much fun. Thanks for recording it.

Julie and Mike Wood said...

Happy Birthday!!! It's great to be 40! :) I now see where the monthly pillowcases come! Adorable!