Saturday, February 2, 2013

A typical weekend

My weekends are typically very busy. Since I work during the week, I run most of my errands during the weekend. They look something like this:

  • Grocery shopping
  • Laundry (every other weekend)
  • Baking & cooking for the week
  • Cleaning
  • Updating my & blogs
  • Working on the transcription of the document I will use for my thesis. It's about 200 handwritten pages of medicinal recipes written between 1500 and 1700 (not too sure of the dates--although I know that some of them were written in Massachusetts in the colonial era. I hope to have a better sense once I finish the transcription). I will use it as a case study to see which medicinal theories of the time appear in these recipes, if recipes in different generations reflect changes in medicinal theory, and how it compares to other similar recipe books in the same time period. Need to get the transcription done (into Word) before I can start the research and start my thesis. It's one of my top priorities.
I had yesterday off and went grocery shopping, and cleaned and did laundry (and washed a boatful of dishes), plus had breakfast with a good friend.

I also washed and put away my January pillowcase and put on the February pillowcase. I loved how warm and soft the flannel penguin pillowcase was, but looking forward to feeling the love with the February pillowcase.
Got my necklace holder up and going. The local hardware store owner suggested drapery hooks and they work perfectly. Now I just need another frame for the rest of my necklaces.
I love how the earrings and necklaces look together. Not sure where I will put the third frame (if I can find one similar)
Perhaps easier to see in this picture (although it washes out the yellow wall)
And a close-up of my necklaces.
Today I went to the temple, worked out, went to Target to get some basic exercise equipment (weights), and found a new quilt for my bed. It matches my yellow walls.

I also did most of my baking for the week. My sister collected a bunch of recipes from all of us and gave us a family cookbook for Christmas. I tried out one of the recipes: chicken white chili. It's delicious.
I also went to my friend Tiffany's house. She was having a makeup/facial care & jewelry open house. She had one friend for the makeup/facial care and another for the jewelry. I bought 2 sets of cool earrings and had a great time talking with her and her friends. I also talked genealogy with many of them and will be going back to help her out with some of her genealogy brick walls.
As part of my baking, I made no bake cookies. Not so healthy (and I am trying to be good), but I am have been craving them for a few weeks.
I also made some granola. Decided to skip making bread this weekend.
Finally, I am updating this blog and them moving on to update the and The posts will appear Monday morning.

Tomorrow I have church, a planning meeting for some genealogy seminars we want to do at our local FamilySearch Center, skyping with 2 different sets of family members, calls with many other family members, making roasted veggies & Aunt Dawnell's tortilla soup in the slow cooker. So much for Sunday being a day of rest :)

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Lorin and Marilyn said...

WOW, no wonder you are tired. The white chili soup is one of my favorites. Love your new earrings