Sunday, August 18, 2013

My Day Yesterday

Yesterday I was a cooking and baking maniac. I was on my feet cooking, baking, chopping, etc. for about 7 hours or more. Yikes! When I finally sat down for about an hour at the end of the night, my muscles were so stiff when I got back up that I felt like a little old lady.

In addition to the baking and cooking below, I did some stuff for church, went for a 45 minute walk, a load of laundry and an hour's worth of cleaning, and ran some errands. Now you can see why my feet and legs hurt so much at the end of the night last night.

I am trying to be healthier and thought that having things already cut and ready to go would help with that.

Here is what I did
1 cut up watermelon
5 containers of cut up fresh veggies that are ready to eat
2 small containers of roasted brussel sprouts
1 big batch of pumpkin chocolate chip cookies

4 servings of zucchini and cheddar soup, packaged in individual servings to be frozen
6 servings of chicken and white bean soup (with leeks), packaged in individual servings to be frozen
Both from the book "The Eating Well Diet" by Dr. Jean Harvey-Berino

 3 loaves of wheat bread
 another view of the pumpkin chocolate chip cookies
Along the lines of eating healthier, here is my haul from the farmer's market. 3 white peaches, 3 tomatoes, and a box each of red grape tomatoes and small orange tomatoes

Then I had to wash all the dishes (some 2 or 3 times)
Finally, I made 7 or 8 servings of this: Quinoa, white bean, & kale soup. It included leeks and I added chicken. I will freeze some of this too. This is the only soup that I tasted. It was yummy! Dinner last night and lunch today.
Other than my aching feet, the only casualty of the night was a cut finger. It mostly just bled a lot, making cutting and chopping difficult.


Lorin and Marilyn said...

Wow, you are ambitious. I'd love the recipe for zucchini/cheddar soup

Bekka said...

Apparently a couple good nights of sleep had you feeling quite ambitious! Maybe if I could sleep through the night a couple times ...

Lori Lyn said...

My eyes were too big at the store and I bought too much and had to cook it up or throw it out. Lesson learned :)

BUT--it is good to have all that food already cooked in my freezer :)