Monday, May 26, 2014

A Day in the Life

Look at all the things I saw last week when I walked through the Public Gardens and Boston Common

This squirrel was very busy eating--whatever it was, it must have been good!

Who wants to ride the Swan Boats with me? I have never been on them.

The island in the middle of Swan Pond

These swans are going to be a mommy and daddy--they are sitting on the nest taking good care of their little eggs

When you are in the Public Gardens (they're like a big park) it's hard to remember sometimes that you are in the big city of Boston. Can you see the tall buildings? Can you see the construction crane?

Here are some more pretty buildings--this is where people live.

Are you celebrating Memorial Day with your families? Did talk about remembering all the brave soldiers who have fought to keep our country free? On the Boston Common (another big park), every year for Memorial Day they put up a flag for each soldier who has died, from the Revolutionary War until today. That is a lot of flags. It reminds me how much I love living in this country and how grateful I am for the soldiers who keep us safe.

Who wants to ride with me on the carousel? I get the zebra!

Wait--I think I want the rooster. Who wants the zebra?

This is the Frog Pond. Pretty soon we can go wading and splashing. Who wants to come with me?

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Lorin and Marilyn said...

I'll have the zebra. We did that memorial thing in Cheyenne,Wyoming, but we don't do it in Louisiana. Rachael.