Sunday, June 8, 2014

My Container Garden

Here is an update on my container garden. Some plants are thriving--others not so much. Advice welcome.

 Swiss chard seems to be doing ok--maybe growing a tad slow.
 This mix of lettuce and chard doesn't seem to be doing so well. Maybe the lettuce is too close?
 This tub of just lettuce is thriving. I think it is ready to start eating. Do I just cut it off near the soil (but not touch the roots)?
 Spinach is totally thriving. I have been eating it in my sandwiches. Yum!
 Herbs are totally thriving. I need to start cooking things where I can use htem

You will have to turn your head to the right for the next 3--sorry. Couldn't find the option to rotate them. Green peppers are doing well--can you see some peppers?
Tomatoes are doing well. 3 have turned yellow. Will they turn red after that? The tag says they are supposed to be red tomatoes.
The vines for the sweet peas are growing like crazy, but there are not any blooms or peas yet--should there be?

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