Monday, July 7, 2014

Wicked bad thunderstorm

The thunderstorm that caused all this damage rolled through BEFORE we were put into a tornado warning. Yes, we do get tornadoes in MA occasionally. Hopefully things are settling down now

This is a massive tree branch that fell. Covered two cars and completely blocked the driveway
A view from the other side where you can see the split. I am guessing it was wind rather than lightning that cause all this damage
This is my car--barely escaped all the huge downed branches all around. I parked my car in a new location that has fewer trees. There is really no place that doesn't have any trees
Another downed branch--this is the one that just missed my car but grazed the car next to me and completely covers two cars on the other side of the median
Fuzzy because I was hurrying to get back inside because the thunder and lightning were starting up again. Yet another downed branch
The other side of this tree--it was totally uprooted
Another view of the tree to the right of my car (the branch fell in the opposite direction across the median
The entire parking lot was recently repaved and many of the trees had to be replaced since they were buckling the pavement. They worked hard to save the trees on this median and now all of them have been severely damaged. Not sure if they can be saved or not....

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