Sunday, August 31, 2014

Catskills vacation: Day 4 (Wednesday)

This was a hot and humid day, so I was glad I was able to stay inside with the AC and work on my thesis. I met my friend Donna for dinner in Saugerties. She lives in Albany, so this was about 1/2 way between Albany and Phoenicia.

We met at an old lighthouse on the Hudson River. It is a B&B now, so is generally not open to the public, but we could walk around it and there was a picnic area. 


To get there, we had to take about a 10 minute walk through tidal marsh. They had good trails, but during high tide, up to 6 inches or more of water covers the trail. I don't know that it every truly dries out. With the wet ground, lush greenery, and the heat and humidity, I felt like I was walking through a jungle.

 Hudson River--beautiful

Public picnic area with a little bell.
Because it was so hot, we ate at a diner. Not all that good. But great conversation with Donna. I can't believe I forgot to take her picture.

I was on backroads from Phoenicia to Saugerties and back. So beautiful. On the way there I saw 6 wild turkeys and on the way back I saw 5 or 6 deer, including little ones. No place to pull over and take pictures though.

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