Sunday, August 31, 2014

Vacation: BYU game (Day 6)

I sadly left the Catskills Friday morning and headed to Hartford, CT for a little tail gating before the BYU-UCONN game with friends from my congregation. I missed a turn which would have put me on the highway and GPS directed me to backroads the whole way. So glad I missed that turn. Couldn't stop to take pics, but another beautiful drive through the CT side of the Berkshires.

Tailgating with my friends--we all knew this Y was for BYU, but one of my CT friends pointed out this looked like Yale. No wonder we got some funny looks!
Decked out in my Cougar gear
In the tailgating area I saw an Ohio State flag, so went over to say hi. They are UCONN fans, but OSU fans most of all (note the OSU flag is ABOVE the UCONN flag). We reminisced about Ohio State,but didn't talk too much about BYU vs. UCONN. Very nice fans.
Inside the stadium--caught the last of the warm up.

 Here they come! 
 Their bench was in front of us
Some live-action shots. Didn't catch any of the 7 touchdowns though

Beautiful sunset!

BYU won 35-10. We went down to the bottom of the stands after the game and high fived all the players. Never done that before--it was fun!

Stayed in Hartford overnight and then headed home. Vacation was over, but it was such a great vacation. Saturday I unpacked, went shopping, went through a week's worth of mail and other ordinary, non-vacation sorts of things.

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