Sunday, February 17, 2008

A Dear Friend

I have so many dear friends, but I wanted to tell you more about Michelle. We met several years ago through mutual acquaintances. I was coming to Boston for a vacation and needed a place to stay, so my 2nd parents in Ohio (Rich and Kathy) called Michelle and Clarke, who would become like a set of 2nd parents in Mass. I stayed with them for the week or so I was out here on vacation, and kept in touch until I moved out here after I graduated from OSU. I stayed with Michelle and Clarke again while looking for a place to stay. Most recently I stayed with them while recuperating from my recent hospital stay.

Michelle is one of those selfless souls who is always serving others and is a such a joy to be around. She loves having an adopted "daughter" around as her children are grown and moved away from home. We have such fun together.


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ellen said...

Everyone needs a Michelle!