Sunday, April 13, 2008

It's beginning to look like spring!

I'm starting to see blossoms on trees and flowers poking up from the ground. It's about time--spring is so delayed here in Boston.

Yesterday when I woke up it was nice and warm.

Then later in the day it really poured. There was a really cool thunder and lightning show too!

I went to stake conference yesterday evening and it was still pouring pretty hard. I could see the lightning through the curtains in the brightly lit front of the chapel. I was wondering if the power would go out. That happened a few years at the Saturday evening session of stake conference. Somebody had a battery-powered camping lantern in their car, so that was placed at the pulpit and everybody else was in the dark. It was a really interesting stake conference.


Cami said...

Yes, crazy weather yesterday. I love the swan in your pond! Do you ever feel like an eagle with your high view of the world below? It's so cool!

Carroll Family said...

Beautiful! Both the spring and the rain - I'm ready for some real solid rain here with a good thunder and lightening show!

Jennifer said...

I love the view from your apartment!

That was some crazy weather.